As a 17 year old, I embarked on my first trip abroad as a semi-adult to Barcelona. The unique apart about it was it was on a Tall Ship, the Stavros S.Niarchos. Looking back  at that first night, wandering down Las Ramblas with my new shipmates, gawping at the street performers, glasses of Sangria in hand, it feels like where it all began. I had the notorious travel bug!


Eleven years later, I’ve hitch-hiked around New Zealand, spent my birthday with a jungle tribe in Thailand, taught English in South Korea, snook into the Sistine Chapel after hours, inter-railed around Europe, witnessed the World Cup in Brasil, slept on the streets in Milan in February  and in total, set foot in 43 countries! Montenegro being my latest conquest!

This page will tell some of those stories and more. Enjoy